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In the Florida Keys, fishing is not only a sport but a way of life.

When you are ready for an up-close, personal experience with the pristine waters of the Lower Florida Keys, Key West, and the protected Marquesas Keys, there is endless opportunity for some of the best fishing known to man. Captain Lindsay Harper and Miss Inclined Charters offer flats and backcountry fishing charters that are second to none with exposure to some of the world’s most beautiful and abundant saltwater gamefish.

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Choose Your Charter, Your Target, and See What Happens

Here, in the crystal-clear, tranquil waters of the flats and mangrove keys, sight-casting is at its finest. With the ability to quietly cruise the shallows and backwaters, this is not your typical bait-and-wait fishing. The shallow water allows you to choose exactly what you are going after, closely follow the hunt, and navigate the fight. In the shallows (skinny water), you will find some of the world’s most elusive fish: huge tarpon, trophy-sized bonefish, challenging permit, streaking barracuda, shark, cobia, redfish, and a host of other fish.

At Miss Inclined Charters, we offer:

Flats and Backcountry Fishing

Flats and backcountry fishing is experienced on shallow water flats boats and technical polling skiffs allowing you to go quietly through inches of waters and mangroves where you can site-cast and stock for these amazing fish. Because these areas are veritable feeding grounds for large predatory fish, we put you right where the fish are.

Light tackle fishing

Light tackle fishing in saltwater is revered as some of the most exciting fishing one can do. Light tackle situations involve plug, spinning, or fly tackle. Light tackle fishing is considered an opportunity sport. There are times when it makes sense to use standard tackle for any situation. With lighter rods and gear even smaller predator fish become a bigger fight and pleasure to catch.

Saltwater fly fishing

The Lower Keys, the birthplace of tarpon fly fishing, is home to some of the best saltwater fly fishing in the world. Saltwater fly fishing will challenge even the most seasoned fly fisherman. While it can be technical and demanding, it is over-the-top rewarding to hook that tarpon, permit, or bonefish on a fly.

Spin fishing

Many of the fish we target make long hard runs when hooked, so we use gear that is specifically designed for tackling and landing these hard-fighting and challenging fish in the shallows.

Plug fishing

These resilient and responsive saltwater lures are specifically created to look and act just like natural baitfish. Sight-casting plugs require much of the same skill and hold much the same excitement as fly fishing.

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Miss Inclined fishing trip in Florida Keys
Miss Inclined fishing trip in Florida Keys
Miss Inclined fishing trip in Florida Keys
Miss Inclined fishing trip in Florida Keys
Miss Inclined fishing trip in Florida Keys
Miss Inclined fishing trip in Florida Keys
Miss Inclined fishing trip in Florida Keys
Miss Inclined fishing trip in Florida Keys
Miss Inclined fishing trip in Florida Keys
Miss Inclined fishing trip in Florida Keys
Miss Inclined fishing trip in Florida Keys
Miss Inclined fishing trip in Florida Keys
Miss Inclined fishing trip in Florida Keys
Miss Inclined fishing trip in Florida Keys

Knowing and Understanding the Waters

At Miss Inclined Charters, we have been running charter boats in the Lower Keys since 1988 and know these waters like the back of our hand. Whether you are conventional or fly-fishing enthusiast, we guide you into the shallow and backwater environment in search of the awesome game fish that the Keys offer with our state-of-the-art 17-foot Maverick Mirage HP. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned angler, with Captain Lindsay Harper you are guided with expert instruction and a good dose of humor.

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What Your Charter Includes

At Miss Inclined Charters, we can take two anglers at a time per charter. You will need to make a $200 deposit. Payment methods include cash, check, and credit card (3% fee). Pricing is as follows:

½ day charters
(4 hours)


¾ day charters
(6 hours)


Full day charters
(8 hours)


Your charter includes all licenses, ice, cooler, gear, and tackle. We utilize some of the finest tackle and gear on the market, including:

Fly Tackle - Sage, Rio, Redington, Cortland, 3mScientific Angler, Abel, Loop, and Umpqua.

Spin and Bait-Casting Tackle - Spin fishing gear is Shimano and Fin-Nor reels with Falcon rods.

Boat and Gear - Maverick HPX Mirage, Patagonia Simms, and Edson Marine.

Your Responsibility

Here’s what you need to bring:

  • Good polarized sunglasses (brown or copper lenses)
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • White Soled Shoes
  • Camera
  • Food
  • Drinks/Water

Charters require a deposit of $200 per day which is refundable in case of cancellation due to inclement weather. There is no refund on canceled charters unless there is a re-book. We do accept credit cards (3% CC), cash, travelers’ checks, money orders, or personal checks are accepted.

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A Fishing Experience Unlike Any Other

Fishing the clear shallow flats of the Lower Keys is a personal fishing experience unlike any other. At Miss Inclined Charters, we put our decades of experience to work to offer every level of angler the best fishing experience possible in the Lower Florida Keys. We are experts the seasonal patterns of our fishery. We guide you precisely to the right flat and estuary at the right time.

Whether you are an “old salt” or just someone who craves a day on some exquisite crystal-clear water catching aggressive game fish, we are happy to craft a charter experience for you and a friend or family member that is certain to challenge your angling skills — or just make memories. Contact us for more information.

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